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Welcome to the Atavism Online Wiki, the home of all the documentation and reference material for the entirety of the Atavism Online Engine.

The Wiki is currently undergoing a lot of changes for the 2.7 release and during this time some information will be out of date or missing.

Getting Started

Read these pages to learn how to get Atavism working. Covers how to install and configure your server and how to get Atavism running in Unity.

Atavism Cloud

Atavism On Premises


Creating Your Game

Read these pages to learn how to customise your game. Covers every system and plugin in Atavism and how you can use them to create your dream game.

  • Atavism Unity Editor Ref - Basic reference to each Plugin for the Atavism Unity Editor!
  • UMA - Unity Multipurpose Avatar system. Download and installation information

Updating Atavism

Advanced Editing

Working with Client Scripts

Working with AGIS

External Packages

  • Additional Packages - Packages you can add to your game to get other systems working such as NGUI

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